A Woman's Healing

The Tools, Resources, Support, & Guidance You've Been Waiting For!

  • Heal from the 4 A's

    You will discover the signs of the 4 A's (Abuse, Affair, Addiction, & Abandonment) in your relationship and how to heal from the hurtful impact it has had on your life.

  • Red Flags

    You will discover the red flags of an abusive, controlling, and manipulative relationship and how to protect yourself in the future.

  • Follow Through on Your Personal Boundaries

    You will learn how to trust yourself again and follow through on your personal boundaries. It's not enough to just communicate your boundaries but you have to follow through on them for people to understand that you mean business.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    • Introduction: Important Information Before You Start
  • 2
    Lesson 1: The Red Flags of an Abusive, Controlling, & Manipulative Relationship
    • You're An Afterthought to Him
    • The Red Flags
    • What if He's Not Abusive But Neglectful?
    • It's Time to Journal: Lesson 1
  • 3
    Lesson 2: What are the 4 A's?
    • Abuse
    • Abuse Cont (Gaslighting)
    • Abuse Cont (Narcissistic Traits & Personality Disorder)
    • Affairs (Emotional & Sexual)
    • Addictions
    • Abandonment
    • How to Know if He's Really Changed for the Better
    • Safety Planning & Structured Separation
    • Helpful Resources
    • It's Time to Journal: Lesson 2
  • 4
    Step 1: Rediscover Your Identity
    • 4 Steps to Redefining Self Love Video
    • Who Are You and What Do You Value?
    • Values Clarification Worksheet
  • 5
    Step 2: Build Your Wisdom Circle
    • Build Your Wisdom Circle (Wise Counsel & People You Can Trust)
    • Video: Toxic, Incomplete & Misguided Relationship Advice
    • My Wisdom Circle Worksheet
  • 6
    Step 3: Follow Through on Your Personal Boundaries
    • Follow Through on Your Personal Boundaries (According to Your Values)
    • Personal Boundaries Worksheet
    • Boundaries Mastermind Worksheet
    • Boundaries Role Play Worksheet
  • 7
    Step 4: Restore Your Relationship with Your Intuition
    • Restore Your Relationship with Your Intuition (Trust Your Ability to Make Good Decisions)
    • Restoring Your Intuition Worksheet
    • Your Healing Journey Conclusion

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